Taiwan Dance Platform Open Talk Series|

11.12-13 SAT-SUN Building 267, Weiwuying

Open Talk Series I –
The Contemporary Dance Scene in Taiwan

11.12 (Sat) 17:00-18:00

The open talk series of Taiwan Dance Platform focuses on the Asian context of the development of contemporary dance in Taiwan in the last two decades to illustrate its unique hybrid identity and the ongoing cross-cultural interaction in this region.


Ya-Ping Chen , Ph.D.

Associate Professor/Director of the Graduate Institute of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts

Roundtable Discussion –
Exploring the Southeast Asia

(Not open to the public)

11.13 (Sun) 10:30-12:30

How do Southeast Asian countries develop new languages of contemporary dance from their rich artistic traditions? As the new waves moves forward, let us sit together at the roundtable and share the secrets of Southeast Asia.


(1) Vanini Belarmino (The Philippines) - Founder/Managing Director of Belarmino & Partners

(2) Joseph Gonzales (Malaysia) - Founder/Artistic Director of Ask Dance Company

(3) Rithisal Kang (Cambodia) - Executive Director of Amrita Performing Arts

(4) Helly Minarti (Indonesia) - Independent Dance Curator/Researcher

(5) Fu-Kuen Tang (Singapore) - Independent Dramaturg/Producer/Curator

Open Talk Series II–
Why Asia Matters and How

11.13 (Sun) 14:00-16:00

Asia harbors a great variety of cultural sceneries due to diverse historical, political and environmental landscapes. How do artists and curators interpret Asia? How does networking in the arts affect the evolution of arts in Asia?

Moderator & Panelists


River Lin (Taiwan) - Independent Curator

Panelists :

(1) John Ashford (United Kingdom) - Director of Aerowaves

(2) Kyoko Iwaki (Japan) - Chief Director of Scene/Asia (Arts Commons Tokyo)

(3) Rithisal Kang (Cambodia) - Executive Director of Amrita Performing Arts

(4) Helly Minatri (Indonesia) - Independent Dance Curator/Researcher

(5) Fu-Kuen Tang (Singapore) - Independent Dramaturg/Producer/Curator

(6) Christian Watty (Germany) - Associate Director of Internationale Tanzmesse

(7) Daphne Wang (Taiwan) – Taiwan Dance Platform Producer of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)

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