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Brief introduction

Ying-Hsueh Chen is a renowned Taiwanese contemporary percussionist currently living in Denmark. Performing in partnership with world-class Korean Traditional Percussion Player, Sori Choi, they will bring their rhythm games and the latest international touring project, So New- So Old ; So Far- So Near to Weiwuying. Experience for yourself a new world of traditional Korean music and contemporary world music.


Ying-Hsueh Chen
Ying-Hsueh Chen is the first Denmark-trained Taiwanese percussionist. Under the mentoring of world-renowned percussionist Gert Mortensen, Ying-Hsueh Chen promotes modern music, collaborates with composers from around the world, and is frequently invited to music festivals in Europe.

Sori Choi
Sori Choi is a Korean percussionist well-known for her expertise in Korean traditional janggu (the slim-waist drum). She has won several national music competitions and played various concerts and international festivals, including World Minimal Music Festival, Klangspuren Festival, Transart Festival, and Tongyeong International Music Festival.