Inspired by Japanese writer Jiro Osarago's novel, the magnificent and flamboyant Kurama Tengu offers a fusion of Taiwanese and Japanese, traditional and modern styles.

Well-known for their inventiveness with traditional and modern theatrical elements, ChiChiao Musical Theatre brings Taiwanese Opera, rock music, Yu Opera and Takarazuka Revue together to create the instant classic Kurama Tengu. The story is inspired by Japanese writer Jiro Osaragi's novel. How will the mythical character Kurama Tengufare during revolution and the battle? Come and be dazzled by this fresh twist on a traditional tale!

ChiChiao Musical Theatre

Founded in 2004 by Chien-Hua Liu and Chien-Kuo Liu, daughters of ‘the Queen of Yu Theatre' Hai-Lin Wang, ChiChiao Musical Theatre combines elements from Taiwanese Opera, Yu Opera and musical to reflect the multi-facet culture of Taiwan as well as giving new life to traditional theatres in the modern world.

Creative Team

Artistic Director | Hai-Lin Wang
Dramaturgy | He-Yi Lin, Ya-Xiang Xu, Xiao-Mei Xie
Playwright | Chien-Kuo Liu
Director | Chien-Kuo Liu
Associate Director | Chien-Hua Liu
Music Designer | Yu-Guang He, Chang-Lei Li
Vocal Designer | Hai-Lin Wang
Dance Designer | Dancecology Hsiao-Yin Peng
Martial Arts Designer | Wei-Qun Peng, Yi-Chen Lin
Stage Designer | Ri-Jun Huang
Lighting Designer| Ji-Yang Jiang
Multimedia Design | Yan-Ren Chen
Custom Designer | Yu-Sheng Li
Cosmetic Designer | Meng-Qian Xie
Stage Manager| Wei-Wei Wu
Production Coordinator | Jing-Hui Chen