These robots don't only sing…
They're also going to start following you around!

Performed entirely by custom-built automatons, Robot Opera highlights our relationship to technology in an entertaining, unsettling, and unexpected new light. Marynowsky brings together robotics, light installation, and experimental sound to create an immersive participatory experience, inviting the audience to step onto the dance-floor and let the robots lead.

Wade Marynowsky│Performance Space

Wade Marynowsky
Wade Marynowsky is an artist and researcher specializing in experimental and emerging art forms, including robotics, immersive and interactive installation, performance, music and video. Since 1998, Marynowsky has established himself as a leading artist in the field of media arts, achieving significant critical praise and international recognition for his performances and exhibitions.

Performance Space
Performance Space is the crucible for risk-taking artists. Emerging over 30 years ago in response to artists' articulated desire to explore and investigate new forms of art, Performance Space has consistently identified, nurtured and presented new directions in contemporary practice. It champions risk, experimentation, and new modes of creative expression.

Creative Team

Artist │Wade Marynowsky
Music Designer │Julian Knowles
Lighting Designer │ Mirabelle Wouters (Branch Nebula)
Dramaturgy│ Lee Wilson (Branch Nebula)
Electrical Designer │Ben Nash
Programmer│Imran Khan
Production Manager │Annie Winter