A true one-man show – one man as a coat on the coat rack, a roll of toilet paper, and a bottle opener that gets scared

Alone on stage, Peter Shub presents a unique show about nonsense.
Observational comedy revealing how ordinary and often overlooked details can make us laugh, even if you don’t know why. A minimalistic physical comedy performance to tickle the funny bone of every age, this wave of subtle comedy with guaranteed tears of laughter is a truly side-splitting fun show you won’t want to miss.

Peter Shub

Peter Shub has a distinguished career as an actor and director and has performed and conducted workshops and trainings with many leading international organizations. Cirque du Soleil has invited his workshops for three of their world touring shows. He is also decorated with awards from the Circus world, including that of the Silver Clown at International Circus Festival Monte-Carlo and Cirque de Demain Festival, as well as the Jury Award from the Cannes International Theater Festival.

Creative Team

Performer│Peter Shub
Technical│Dorothee Koess