With our secret teenage crushes,
O Lord, please grant us (at least) one kiss!

The New Member, an original rock musical created by celebrated playwright Li-Yin Chien and sound designer Tao Chiang in 2014, saw two runs and 19 sold-out shows in Taipei. The story follows the high school rock band on their journey to win the music competition and pursue their dreams. First-time in Kaohsiung, prepare to rock your socks off.

The Ex-rebel Lads

Founded in 2014, The Ex-rebel Lads is a subgroup of Against Again Troup, specializes in the genre of Boy's Love, including original and adapted theatrical works and its extended activities, to create a whole new world of fantasy.

Creative Team

Cast│Shi-Guang Tian, Yan-Lin Wu, Huan-Yu Lu, Wei-Nian Shen, Hua-Li Gao, Nian-Ci Zhang, YI-LAN Zhao, YI-AN Bao
Director│Yuan-Wen Huang
Playwright│Li-Yin Chien
Assistant Playwright│Wen-Hua Zhang
Musical Director│Tao Chiang
Executive Director│Yu-Dian Chen
Producer│Yan-Ning Zeng
Executive Production│Pei-Jia Jian
Musician│Yun-Fang Zeng, Jun-You Wu, Da-Yu Lin, Zi-Ji Liu
Stage Manager│Dai-Rong Lin
Lighting Designer│Bo-Xin Liu
Stage Designer│Xiu-Han Wu
Acting Designer│Fang-Yi Zhu
Sing Choreographer│Xiang-Ling Luo
Costume Designer│Dai-Ru Xie
Dresser│Pei-Xin Li
Rehearsal Assistant│ Zi-Yi Sun
Photography│Mei-Xin Wang

This Program is commissioned by Quanta Arts Foundation.