Immersive Theater Work Robot Opera Aims to Give Taiwanese Audience a New Theater-going Experience

Performed entirely by 8 custom-built automatons, Robot Opera is an interactive performance that anticipates audience participation and reactions. It was premiered in the 2015 Liveworks Festival at Performance Space in Sydney. The 4 performances in Weiwuying Arts Festival from 4th to 6th November will be the first time to perform out of Australia. Audience in Taiwan will be able to “playing” with the exact actors, which are robots, as Australian audiences.

“We hope the robots will bring Taiwanese audience a lot of joys and excitements by joining the show this weekend. Please do not take any stereotypes for Robot or for Opera. We hope audience will have fun at the show and then go further to think about the relationship between technology and our daily life”, said by the Artists Wade Marynowsky.

Dramaturgy Lee Wilson stated. “This non-narrative way that we used to create Robot Opera was a big challenge for our team, because people normally got used to follow a line or a central idea of a story. However, in Robot Opera, there are several effects, such as lighting, music, the movement of robots and etc., will drive different lines and exert different effects on individuals. There will not have a main line to follow. Hopefully, this will inspire audiences to question, to think and then to reflect in lives.”

2016 Weiwuying Arts Festival is approaching to the 4th weekend of the festival period. Weiwuying has been aimed to bridge the world-class performance to Kaohsiung, so that the audiences in southern Taiwan would be able to catch the latest trend of the theater world. On the weekend of November 4-6, robots don’t only sing opera on the stage, they will follow you!

2016 Weiwuying Arts Festival Robot Opera 
Dates | November 4 (Fri) – 6 (Sun)
Tickets| 600