Walking Connection|

Old city street
is like a theaters
of life.

Come with curiosity and take away with you some newly discovered treasure! Use any ticket or ticket stub of 2016 Weiwuying Arts Festival event to register with our partners on the Walking connection. Join their guided tours/talks as well as receiving special offers and a little gift from the community. Step outside the theater, take a walk around the old city streets!


1.This offer is valid between October 13th and December 4th, 2016.
2.Each ticket/ticket stub can only be used by one person in any one visit; however the same ticket/ticket stub can be used with more than one partners.
3.Please contact specific partners for information about their guided tours, directions and details of special offers.
4.Please use public transport such as Kaohsiung Metro and buses 11, 50, 88 and 248. (Please visit Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau websites for more information.)
5.The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.