The Mysterious Box-THEATER|

Building 285, Weiwuying

New Visions New Voices Theatre Company

When Shakespeare Speaks Taiwanese?!

What if Shakespeare was alive today and spoke good Taiwanese? Tainan-based New Visions New Voices Theatre Company combines elements from old architecture, Taiwanese language and songs, Shakespeare's plays and contemporary theatres to bring us When Shakespeare Speaks Taiwanese?!. You will see Shakespeare in the most accessible and imaginative form!

Big Event Theater x Double & Cross Theater Group

Short Shot Show

The February 28th Incident in 1947, the assassination of Chiang Kai-Shek in 1970, and March 19 shooting Incident in 2004: three gunshots stunned people and awoke their love of the land. Big Event Theater and Cross Theater Group work together to create this time-lapse photography story about country, home, people, blood and sweat.

Olive Leaf Theater

Smile, Grandma

Olive Leaf Theater creates this touching story of a pair of grandma and grandson. Kang left his grandma when he was young. Many years later, he learned from an aunt that Grandma was going to move away from that little old house, and Grandma's memory, just like the old building, was on the way of decaying……

Action Corporation

Look, Three Little Plays

Action Corporation brings us two stories based on the themes of love and family. As hand-written letters gradually replaced by emails with strange emoticons, how do people convey their messages in love Letters? In Class Reunion, how do the father and the son who have different expectations express their care and forgiveness to each other?