The Mysterious Box-MUSIC|

Building 285, Weiwuying

Essential Sound Baroque Ensemble

Hello! Vivaldi

Essential Sound Baroque Ensemble will take you to 17th century Venice with authentic Baroque music played by period instruments. You will also see a theatrical interpretation of Vivaldi, the great Baroque composer. In his lively style of music, explore more about Vivaldi.

Arts Blooming Ensemble

Play With the Tempo and Step at the Same Time

Come to learn different dance styles with Arts Blooming Ensemble! From two-beat Polka and Tango to three-beat Waltz and Minute, and to irregular beat music, you will clap and step with the music played by the Ensemble and discover the fun of playing with tempo and rhythm!

Tainan Youth Traditional Chinese Music Band

The Beauty of Chinese Music

Flute, Sheng, Pipa, Erhu and dulcimer: traditional Chinese music is elegant in style and beautiful in melody. A new wave of Chinese music brought to you by the young musicians from Tainan will include classic and popular tunes. Come and enjoy an afternoon of Chinese music that will certainly stay in your memory.