The Mysterious Box-DANCE|

Building 285, Weiwuying

Tjimur Dance Theatre

Decoding the Body Movement of Tjimur's Contemporary Paiwan Dance

Tjimur's Dance Theatre is the first contemporary dance group that grows from Paiwan culture and shows Paiwan people's aesthetics in contemporary form. This year they collaborate with Black Grace from New Zealand to create 2 Gather, to bring to us the essence of Austronesian dance cultures from across the northern and southern hemispheres.

Kaohsiung City Ballet

The Beauty of Ballet- Selected from The Peony Pavilion and The Nutcracker

Kaohsiung City Ballet selected Flora from Chinese classic literature The Peony Pavilion and Waltz of the Flowers from Tchaikovsky's famous The Nutcracker to show you the graceful beauty of ballet. You will also be invited to dance along.

Resident Island Dance Theatre

Selected from Contemporary Dance Theatre Pieces

The baking sun in the south of Taiwan casts on the connection and alienation between individuals in the society. Resident Island Dance Theatre carefully selects contemporary dance pieces that show different aspects of the modern life. This is a good opportunity to see a wide range of innovative styles in contemporary dance.