Closing Programs|Hotter Than the Sun Music Festival

Outdoor Grounds

Five groups from Taiwan and Asia will bring New Wave electronic music, folk rock music and music with amazing soundscape as if from the ancient world. In Hotter Than the Sun Music Festival, you will be transported to different musical worlds instantly through Mongolia music instruments, human voices and digital techniques. Groups will jam together to create a whole new dimension of musical re-mix!

Ricing Star

Ricing Star will take the stage with original songs and cover tunes. The combination of acoustic guitar and looping effects are rich and inventive to surprise. Music is simple in nature resonating with everyone. The duo, Emily and Ann are telling their stories simply as music should be.

Zulu Band

Founded in 2007, Zulu performs both original material and classic folk songs from Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Tuva. China's first album of khoomei throat singing was recorded and released by Zulu. Zulu's music combines all sorts of musical styles, adding modern influences to a foundation of Mongolian and Tuvan traditional music. Zulu also integrates elements of flamenco, rock, psychedelic, Buddhist, and African music into their songs, combining folk with contemporary music to create something never heard before.

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HH was established by sound artisits, Chung-Han Yao and Ting-Hao Yeh, in 2013. They compose songs through strong beats and hybridize noise into the area between sound art and electronic music. They also use volume data to drive the transformation of images real-time and attempt a special spatial perception by visual means, resulting changes and complements between different senses.


Matzka was born in Taitung, Taiwan. He is a Taiwanese aboriginal artist. He started his band MATZKA in 2010 as the lead singer and went solo in 2015 with his album Vuvu Reggae incorporating multi-musical styles such as R&B, hip-hop and etc. His works are mostly inspired by daily life and attempt to spread Taiwanese aboriginal sense of humor. Matza, influenced by his roots, turns his music into a unique reggae style.

AnDa Union

AnDa Union are part of a musical movement that is finding inspiration in old and forgotten songs, drawing on a repertoire of magical music that had all but disappeared during China's recent tumultuous past. AnDa Union hold on to the essence of Mongolian music whilst creating a form of music that is new. AnDa Union combine different traditions and styles of music from all over Inner and Outer Mongolia, developing an innovation previously unheard of.

Partner: Stallion Era(Beijing)Culture Communication Co., Ltd.